Supporting local businesses with online marketing

We are a Newport based marketing agency who ourselves have lost a few clients as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Alliance Marketing work very closely with a lot of other small businesses. We understand the severity of the current medical and economic situation and this is our way of doing what we can to utilise our skills and experience to help others.

The idea for came about from a conversation we had in the office when the full extent of what is going on really hit home in late March. We came up with a few ideas and decided that this website will hopefully be of most use to businesses that don’t have the ability to sell online. It provides these businesses that are currently closed with the opportunity to maintain some form of cash flow.

There are various grants and loans available from the Government which we applaud but they won’t cover everything. There are still bills to pay and many small businesses won’t have significant savings they can draw from to help them through.

Using this website, you can, for example, continue to pay for your haircut, your gardening, your nails, a meal in your favourite restaurant etc but, because you can’t actually visit these places now you can buy a gift voucher to redeem with them when it is safe for them to reopen.

We are happy to provide this service free of charge. There is a small merchant transaction fee (1.4% + 20p) that we are charged which we will deduct from the amount paid by the customer to the business but that is all. It’s a transparent service.

We genuinely just want to help and sincerely hope that lots of small businesses will sign up and encourage their customers to buy the vouchers.

Please take care, stay safe, stay at home and look forward to redeeming the gift vouchers when it is safe to do so.